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Don't put it down, put it away!

Creating your organizing plan

Where do I start?


Often when first discovering that there is a better way than being disorganized, most people ask: where do I start?  My favorite place to start is a kitchen drawer.  The reason for this is that it is a small space to test out the skill of organizing. Pull everything out of the drawer. Wipe it out and then sort the items you removed. Categories are keep, toss or goes elsewhere. Put back the items you are keeping and deal with the other items. Once you have tried this with a couple of drawers, try a bigger space. Clothing drawers or closet. Garage shelves or the entrance way to your house. Starting small and practicing inspires you to keep on going. All the best to you.

One In - One Out Rule


When you first start the organizing journey, you may spend a lot of time taking items to the donation center or selling them on a sales website. 

Once you have organized your home, one of the best ways to not revert back to the cluttered state is to practice the 

One In - One Out Rule.

Whenever you buy a new item, you remove an item from your home. Have a donation box at the door that you leave the house through. That way, whenever a donation item is ready, it can go in the box. When the box is full, you can make a trip to donate.

Rethink what you store


Do you ever wonder why we store things? How about items that you keep that you don't need right now but you thing you might use it SOMEDAY.  The problem with storing things that are not of use to us right now is that we are not trusting in the future. If you trust that all is well and what you need will be provided, then you can feel comfortable not holding onto things, just in case. 

My favorite rule now is the 20/20 rule that I learned from The Minimalists. If you can replace it in 20 mins for under 20 dollars, than you don't need to hold onto it.

Financial Decluttering


Have you ever considered your finances cluttered? If you have more credit cards or accounts than you can keep track of, you have financial clutter. 

By reducing the amount of accounts you have open, you reduce the amount of time you spend keeping track of them all.

Laundry and Linens


When you open the linen closet, do towels and blankets fall out?

Here is my favorite rule for linens. Only have 2 sets of bed sheets for each bed in the house and 2 sets of towels for each bathroom. One set is on the bed or on the rack and one set is in the closet.

Sentimental Clutter


What kind of sentimental clutter do you keep? If your children are grown, do you still have their belongings in your house? Do you have your own childhood items?

Can you take a photo of the physical items and create a scrapbook or memory album and let go of the items?